Taking your faith with you

Grow In Your Faith
The college years are a challenge regardless of where you go to school. On your own, managing your own schedule and making your own choices can be daunting. It's easy to slip into bad habits or get into the wrong crowd.

We want to help you connect with other believers on campus, get you connected to Christian organizations and help you find a church where you can worship and serve. Making these connections early in your college career will make your other choices easier.
Make An Impact
At Grace we want to come alongside of you and provide support as you make an impact for Christ on your campus. Whether you need help with growing in your relationship with Christ, finding the right place to serve, getting your friends to join you at church or just need some advice, we want to be one of the resources you rely on.
Find Your Calling
College is a time of discovery and setting a course for the future. We look forward to helping in the process as you determine what God is calling you to do in your chosen field or profession.

Get More Information

  • Let us know where you're going or the schools you are interested in attending.
  • Let us know about any questions you have or anything else you think is important.