Where Kids discover Jesus on their level

How do we reach the next generation for Christ?

  • We’re Creative

    Using games, technology, small groups and more, we teach kids at a young age that they are loved by God and saved by Jesus Christ.

  • We’re Relational

    Connecting kids to Jesus gives every child the opportunity to grow up knowing they are special.

  • We’re Fun

    Grace Kids is an energetic environment with age appropriate activities for all ages.


Your first visit!


When you arrive at Grace, ask a VIP member to show you the Kids area. They’ll connect you to our Kids Welcome Desk to check your children into our ministry. We’ll collect basic information, including names, grades and special considerations for your children.

Kids utilizes a check in/out system that provides children with nametags and random codes. Parents receive a tag with these random codes to match up at check out. Both children and parents have the family pager number on their tags so parents can be contacted during the worship service if they are needed.

The teaching just starts here

On your drive off our campus, be sure to challenge your child with questions like, “what did you learn about today?” and “did you have fun?”

Our desire is that every child leaves having learned something and with a desire to come learn with us again!

Where will my child be spending time?

  • Infant Room

    Children are welcomed and cared for while parents enjoy the worship service. Families are assigned a pager number that will be displayed in the Worship Center should a parent be needed by their child.

  • Toddler Room

    This room is all about discovering fun in church. Our room has great toys to capture imagination, as well as a short lesson to introduce children to God. There is a short video, Bible story, crafts and game time scheduled.

  • Preschool Room

    Children are welcomed into this room in fall when then turn 3 years old. This begins their journey of building a relationship with God through relevant lessons, crafts and activities. Toys and connecting games encourage your child to build friendship and connect with our leaders.

  • K-2 Room

    A huge developmental stage for our kids, we teach wisdom, faith, and friendship. Through large group and small group activities, kids play games and build friendships while discovering Jesus on their level. Our leaders make it a priority to connect with kids through every activity.

  • 3-4 Room

    Our oldest group really starts making connections with Bible stories and how it all relates to their lives. In this fun and exciting Kids experience, we focus on reinforcing wisdom, faith, and friendship. We teach life application through fun, creative, and relational activities that lay the groundwork for a transition into 56.

Please note: Because of a variety of allergies and nutrition choices, we do not allow food in Kids at Grace. If a special occasion should arise, we will post the food being served for the safety of children with food sensitivities. Photos and videos are regularly captured in Kids at Grace and are used for promotional purposes.