Every Student Belongs at 56

What is 56?

56 is a ministry specifically designed for 5th & 6th grade students. Games, high energy, challenging messages and small groups are all tools we use to fulfill our desire to see the next generation grow in their relationships with Jesus! You can bet that your student will thoroughly enjoy themselves at 56.

When is 56?

56 meets during the main worship services at Grace (Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9:45am and 11:15am), unless otherwise noted for special events.

You can find us in the family wing behind the check-in desk!

Ready to plan a visit?

We’re excited for your to join us! Simply fill out our form to let us know when we can expect you. Don’t worry, this isn’t at all required for you or your student to join us on the weekend.

Plan Your Visit

Why should my child attend 56 and not the main services?

Although our main services are a great place to learn and grow, we believe that children 6th grade and under really need to have a place of their own where they can grow. 56 is a place where students can really dive into their relationship with God and understanding the foundation of their faith in Jesus. We believe that to engage 5th & 6th grade we need to do do 3 things:

Have a blast. We play high-energy games, shoot finger-darts at each other and do tons of other awesome stuff to give our students a reason to want to be at 56. We believe that engaging students at their level with fun and games is what will give us the ability to teach them the truth of Jesus.

Challenge them. Every week, we have incredible speakers, videos and creative elements that we use to teach our 56ers more about Jesus. We want a 56er walking away with a better understanding of who Jesus calls us to be and be challenged to change to be more like Him.

Give them a safe space. We provide our 56ers with small groups where they can open up to adult volunteers and their peers about their life and Jesus. We believe small groups have the power to grow and challenge students to be more like Jesus. Our small group leaders are trained to engage, encourage and challenge students to grow in their walk with Jesus.