What is Grace Kids?

Our heartbeat is for kids to discover Jesus on their level. That’s why we’ve created environments for your children (from birth to 6th grade) that are both safe and engaging as they learn more about God and the Bible. Our hope is that what they learn on the weekends can be a springboard for more conversations about God and faith with you during the week.


Our heart is to partner, equip and encourage parents to help their family walk with God.

Family Podcast 17

First, we want to say thank you to all the moms our there! You are rockstars for sure! We wanted to send out this podcast to encourage you during the difficult times and serve as a reminder of the good in the better times! Your love, grace, and compassion are making a huge difference. Don’t believe me? Well check out this podcast!

Family Podcast 16

A question that is often asked by parents is “how do we center our home on Jesus?” If we are all honest, that can be a difficult question to answer, especially considering the varying stages kids can be in.  The crucial thing for anyone asking this question, is to take that bold step of faith. If this is a question you are asking, Gary and Meg have a few tips to get you started! Check this out!!

Family Podcast 15

The Foster care and Adoption world is something that many aren’t too familiar with. But did you know that adoption is something that’s close to God’s heart? In fact, in Romans 8, Paul reminds us that Christians are the adopted sons and daughters of God! That makes me mindful that those families who are in this system are near to God’s heart too. Check out this podcast with Matt and Melanie Rocha and hear how God is using their family!

Family Podcast 14

Getting involved in serving can be difficult to do. The time commitment alone makes things hard, but when you add in your entire family, it compounds it. Dave and Kristi have made it a focus for their family to serve together and believe you can do that too! Take a listen to what they have to share!

Family Podcast 13

There are so many questions that surround mental health. Lately, we’ve been getting more questions about mental health when dealing with the family unit -- in particular, children. In this podcast, we’ve invited one of our team members, Susan Sheidy (a Clinical Therapist), to talk about some important areas parents are seeking answers for. Check it out!

Family Podcast 12

On some level, every parent feels imperfect. I think the reality is that no parent is perfect. But I think in our imperfections, we are more open to learning from others who’ve gone before us. In this podcast, I talk with Dave and Julia Benson on the things they’ve learned, mistakes they’ve made, and other tips for parents to learn. Check it out!

Family Podcast 11

Families that have Special Needs children often feel isolated and alone. Most, if not everyone, would say that they do not want this to be the case. In this podcast, we do an interview with Chelsea Kelosky discussing her families Special Needs journey AND some tips and tools to help them not feel so alone. Check it out!

Family Podcast 10

Marriages take a lot of work. There are years of habits and past experiences that need to be worked on throughout the years. However, things often get complicated when children are added. In a lot of cases, couples neglect their covenant of marriage in sacrifice to their kids. But God's perspective (and studies) show that a healthy marriage benefits kids on so many levels. Find out more here!

Family Podcast 09

I think it's safe to say we all want to be good parents. In fact, we want to be great parents. The toughest part is creating HEALTHY discipline for yourself, your spouse, and your children. If we can do this well, we set up our kids future for success.

Family Podcast 08

Do you ever feel like there isn't enough hours in a day? Between kids activities, work commitments, and the daily chaos of life it feels like there isn't any time to REST! The crazy thing, as Christians, God gives us this beautiful gift of Sabbath. The question is, will you take him at His Word and find rest? Check out this episode!

Family Podcast 07

It is so easy, as parents, to get discouraged. There are so many things that we try and juggle, moments where we feel we let our kids down, or that we aren't enough. In this podcast we discuss that we are in good company and we can get some encouragement. Check it out

Family Podcast 06

We've all heard the adage 'history repeats itself." But what we sometimes forget is that our family history and past pain can rear its ugly head too. This episode we will discuss some ideas to consider and the hope the Jesus offers.

Family Podcast 05

Parents face many challenges. One is discovering how to protect their kids from the dangers of this world. As Christians, who happen to be parents, we have to address how to raise our kids in a Secular world. This episode serves as a way to start that conversation.

Family Podcast 04

It is so easy for anyone to fall into the trap of comparison. The hard part is that it robs us of our joy. In this busy life that surrounds our families, comparison is the last thing we need. Check out this episode.

Family Podcast 03

Every child is different. Every family is different. But one thing that is consistent is the changes and phases they go through. Based off our Orange Curriculum, we discuss the importance of recognizing that "It's just a phase!"

Family Podcast 02

When you start a family, so often we can feel like we are alone. But we were meant to do life in COMMUNITY. In this episode, we discuss the importance of who we surround our family with.

Family Podcast 01

In those moments when you feel like things are not okay, you're not alone. It's okay to not be okay. But we can't stay that way. This episode gives us some helpful tips to move forward!