Current Opportunities

Website and Graphics Director (Part-Time)

We’re looking for a creative mind that has experience building and maintaining websites along with the ability to create graphics.  Our website is Grace's main outlet for communication to our congregation and community.  This person would sit on the Creative Team and work with the other ministries to visually communicate everything that is happening at Grace.

The ideal candidate will have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, familiar with Grace Community Church and our culture.  A degree in digital communications or experience with websites and graphics is required.

We're Looking For...

1.Someone who is passionate about visually communicating what God is doing at Grace through the website and graphics.

2. Someone who is self-motivated, dependable, detail oriented, and able to hit deadlines.

3. Someone who is able to work on multiple projects at the same time while having excellent time management skills.

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Clinical Play Therapist (Part Time)

Child Therapists have the unique privilege to meaningfully impact the lives of children, teens, and adults through the utilization of dynamic therapeutic interventions.  We are looking to hire someone who came come alongside families and their children from a biblical perspective and professional while creating a fun environment.

The ideal candidate will have a strong relationship with Christ, experience working in a non-denominational church and have a passion to care for people.

We're Looking For...

1. Someone who understands the purpose of Grace Counseling Services and the culture of Grace Community church

2. Somebody with strong relational skills and the ability to be self-motivated

3. Somebody passionate about being a "Hospital for the Hurting" and working with various families

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Licensed Clinical Therapist (Part-Time)

We’re looking for a dedicated marriage and family therapist or professional counselor as part of our ever-growing Grace Counseling Services counseling team. Someone who has a client-focused approach and who will provide ethical, professional therapy utilizing an integrated approach combining a biblical worldview with evidence-based clinical treatment methods. All of our therapists are members of AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors).

The ideal candidate will have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, familiar with Grace Community Church and Grace Counseling Services culture, Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or Professional Counseling.

We're Looking For...

1.Someone who is passionate about growing in his or her personal relationship with Jesus and with other people.

2. Someone who has a great attitude, compassion and empathy and focused on equipping clients towards pursuing health based on the client’s own established goals.

3. Someone who is organized, can be successful as part of a team, completely dependent on God for the wisdom and discernment on how to grow in reaching people. 

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Childcare Provider (Part-Time)

This position will be an employee of Grace Community Church. They will be responsible for providing childcare at the church for groups, services, and events as needed. The ideal candidate will have a relationship with Christ, a passion for caring for children, and will be fully clearanced to work with children.

We're Looking For...

1.Someone who attends Grace Community Church and has a relationship with Jesus

2. Someone who is looking for a part-time, flexible schedule

3. Somebody who enjoys being with children while encouraging safe play 

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How to Apply

The first step is to prayerfully consider whether you are called to full-time ministry or an internship at Grace. If you believe this may be your calling, review the job description and, if you are a good fit, these are your next steps:

Your information will not be considered or reviewed until we have received all of the items listed above.