Men's Ministry

MoMENtum is our men's ministry which meets for monthly connections, special events and serves the local and global communities together.

Our goal is to provide safe, authentic and transparent environments where we can point each other to God and to other guys, with a result of growing in and living a life on purpose, being changed, and being the men - the husbands, dads, employers, employees, coaches, neighbors, etc. - that God's created us to be!

As a ministry of Grace Community Church, our mission is to reach men with the good news of Jesus Christ and teach them to become followers of him. Our primary focus is to provide various and intentional on ramps where guys can put their toe in the water and check things out. We pray God will meet them where they are and lead them to a passionate pursuit of Jesus. Here are the types of events we offer:

MoMENtum Connection

MoMENtum Connection is our exciting monthly Men's Connection! Guys of all ages connect for laughs, lots of coffee, and discussion all with the goal of building authentic, transparent relationships.

MoMENtum Gatherings

Our MoMENtum gatherings include fellowship time, a speaker, and worship. This includes our annual MoMENtum Weekend Getaway somewhere in the mountains.

MoMENtum Activities

We regularly hold activities to get away from the grind and have some fun. Some of these activities include our MoMENtum at PNC Park/Pirates game or Sporting Clay Shooting.

MoMENtum Serves

We provide many opportunities to serve together which include helping with our Grace Special Warriors event, local outreach projects, on our First Impressions team as greeters, cafe, parking, ushers, and more.

MoMENtum Small Groups

For those guys who want even more consistency in relationship-building, study and discussion, we offer our MoMENtum Monday Evening Weekly Small Groups!

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If you have any questions about our MoMENtum Men's Ministry, feel free to email [email protected] and we would be happy to answer any questions.