Farming for Dummies - Week 2 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

Farming for Dummies – Bird Food – Week #2

Matt Kaltenberger

This week Pastor Matt continues in Matthew 13, but first he shares a story about some crazy driving, and using this analogy, how we all have some areas in our own lives where we’re driving crazy. Matt explained how we all could have areas where we’re driving way too fast, pedal to the metal, out of control, with no regard for anybody else and blowing by people. If we could look in the rear view mirror of our life, we’d see the carnage that we caused. We’ve convinced ourselves that while the rules of life should apply to everybody else, and you ought to follow them, somehow in our minds we’ve reasoned they don’t apply to us and we should get a pass as we live our life in the fast lane. And, while the parable that Jesus is going to use to teach that same truth is not about driving the car too fast, but about a farmer going into a field to plant seed, it’s the same truth.

Study Questions – Farming-for-Dummies-Week-2