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Grace Community Church

Mar 6, 2022

We were at Denny’s after church and the waitress told us she had wrecked her car and it cost her over $3000.dollars.She said thank goodness she had insurance. I handed the envelope to her and told her things will get better. God Bless You. She had
no idea what I handed her. I am so happy we come to Grace Church.

Joy Allison

Mar 6, 2022

After seeing such heart-wrenching photos of the Ukrainians, I felt led after the service, to make a contribution to the International Red Cross in behalf of them. Pastor Matt’s powerful message reinforced my desire to be more Christ-like ALWAYS. As a constant reminder to me, I am leaving the $10. bill in it’s white envelope, in my purse, as a daily reminder to show Christian love to someone every single day.

Carrie Havranek

Mar 6, 2022

God gave us an opportunity to increase His gift and bless a neighbor in our community who struggles with finances. She gives selflessly of her time and talents to make comfort items for children with cancer. God’s gift will provide some comfort for one of His children.

Rick & Robin Frankford

Mar 6, 2022

My Husband Steve and I gave our money to home services with the elks lodge. It helps all children and adults with developmental disabilities and the caretakers,facilities that help them.

Denise Van Horn

Mar 7, 2022

After church on Sunday, I went to Firehouse subs and got lunch – $9.52 and was asked to round up for firefighters fund To $10 and it hit me. Gave the cashier $10 and asked her to pay for the next person + the round up. When I walked out w/ my lunch, everyone yelled have a nice day Larry and thanks for paying it forward…. Made me feel “great” all day!

Thank you – ‘loved” the idea and will continue to minister when I can…🙏

Larry Kristoff

Mar 8, 2022

I bought ice cream for ten students in the cafeteria during my lunch duty. These ten teens are always kind, polite, respectful, fun…they act how they are supposed to act even when no one is watching. I wanted them to know they are appreciated and boy did their faces light up. Thanks Grace for helping me tell young people that they are wonderfully made.

Lisa Tyson

Mar 8, 2022

God gave me the opportunity to reach out to one of my managers at work. He’s been dealing with alot of struggles and trials. I bought him a card and wrote in it that Jesus is always with you. He’s right there in the fire next to you. I also referenced Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you” I then told him what Gods been doing in my life. I’m blessed to have been at the last service and take part in ministering to someone who needed to hear it

Brandon Heller

Mar 8, 2022

YES this is the #goodness of god# Bethel music dear Grace Community Church, if I had $30,000.00 it would be yours, and my desire is that you would not know. The story of the $10 bill, Reminded me of my favorite Story in the Bible, “The Good Samaritan”. God’s Love, no matter what life gives us, will never end. We must be God’s Love, even in the midst of our own heartaches. Praying that someone will someday acknowledge our own pain, when we can’t hold up anymore. yes, i talk from experience. My dad was an United States Marine, Purple Heart Sargent. After Vietnam war, he lived to marry my mother from Taiwan and adopted me as his little girl. Growing up was quite a challenge, but I didn’t let that get me down as many times as the pains kept confronting me. I was 12 years of age at the time and I gave money to an old man in a wheelchair holding out a container in front of a grocery store in Moon township. My dad got mad and said to me, “You’ll never have anything if you give your money away!” My dad had been unemployed 3 times, and we would go to Goodwill and Foodbanks often. As a Vietnam vet, seeing his many men get killed and blown away, my dad said to me Once, “I use to think I could Save the World, now I can’t even save myself.” He died at 62 from Liver cancer and buried at the Military Cemetery in Washington County, PA. How Proud I Am Of Him, when accepted Jesus in his heart before leaving. My mother she died before I graduated from High School, from a heart condition. Me my $10, it has gone out Many Times, when God showed me His Love since coming to America. It has gone out Many Times, Before I Ever Met Grace Community Church. KUDDOS to Grace, And Your Genuine Love for Jesus and What Jesus Loves, “PEOPLE!”. Yes that $10 will be stuck in a card and given to Lexi, who’s working on being a pharmacist. Working on a degree at BC3, who has ALWAYS given me a Bright Smile before giving me my prescription, and not knowing of my sadness. Who has Brighten up my World as God Does over and over. We All hide our sadness. hey for $17,000.00 i wanted to give you, your moneys worth…LOVE YOU ALL IMMENSELY

Chin-Hwa Wacker Shindledecker

Mar 8, 2022

My husband and I are friends with a couple going through the toughest time ever. The service this past weekend really brought tears to my eyes. I decided I would give my $10 to my friend who is going to lose her husband to brain cancer within 6 to 8 weeks. He is in his early forties, and has 3 children. One is a senior in high school, one is a sophomore, and the youngest is just 4 years old. He was first diagnosed 10 years ago with a brain tumor, and with the necessary treatment was in remission for all those years. In January he had scans done showing the cancer was back. He is currently in a Pittsburgh Hospital, and waiting to be moved to a facility closer to home to live out his final days. Please keep his family in your prayers, and thanks for this ten dollars to pass along to someone in need. I am thankful for Grace!!

Shelby Rawson

Mar 8, 2022

Convoy of Hope to help feed refugees fleeing from the war

Vicki Dibish

Mar 8, 2022

A friend/coworker has been struggling with some very strong issues with her teenage children. She has been on my mind often but I really didn’t know what to do to help her situation.
I wrote her a card from my heart and gave her a $10 sheetz card. I said she could possibly use it for gas for appointments, or buy her and her son a milkshake and talk . I also mentioned the Parent Partnership coming up at Grace. But whatever she wants to use it for I wanted her to know she is LOVED and supported.

Joni Hostetter

Mar 8, 2022

I had been praying about what to do with the $10 and trying to be open to what God was calling me to do, when a friend I hadn’t spoken with in a long time called because she needed to talk. She had been pregnant and recently experienced a very traumatic miscarriage and needed someone and felt so alone. We spoke for a long while and I prayed for her but felt like she needed to hear God even more, so I used the $10 to get her the book “Held” – a book of biblical reflections to help her through this journey. I pray that it draws her closer to God and he holds her in his heart.

Ashley Simpson

Mar 8, 2022

I was speaking with a coworker earlier that Saturday who is struggling because our hours have been drastically cut. I was thinking about him through the service on how I could help without him refusing. Then Pastor Matt handed out the envelopes! I added to the envelope and gave it to my new friend the next day. I told him he had to accept it because it was a gift from God. What joy to bless others with Christ’s love!

Deb Yoder

Mar 8, 2022

I bought groceries for the woman behind me in line today. I always think about doing it when I am checking out, but I have never actually done it. She was extremely thankful and could not believe the kindness.
Love this challenge.

Holly Berger

Mar 8, 2022

First off I have to say I cheated. I am keeping the $10 bill. But let me explain. I replaced it with one of my own to use now, but I put that original bill in my money clip. It is the only bill in it. I am not getting rid of it. Now every time I reach I’m my pocket and feel that bill I am going to be reminded of God’s desire for me to minister. Not with just one $10 bill but with every interaction or chance I have moving forward. I will turn that 10 into a multitude of actions.

Lane Rawson

Mar 8, 2022

Walking to lunch in Market Square I noticed a woman in a winter coat, hat and gloves with a small bucket held down to the concrete with her cane standing on the corner. I approached her and asked “How in the world are you?” She said, “cold, its cold out here” and I could hear a small smile in her voice under her mask. I asked what happened? With tears forming in her eyes she said ” I’m gonna lose my home”.

I said that I was sorry for that circumstance. I told her that God loves her and has a plan for her. I gave her the $10, told her to put it in her pocket not in the bucket so it wouldn’t blow away in the wind.

She began to cry and thanked me. I hugged her and told her it will be okay.

Before I parted her company I read her 8 x 8 cardboard sign.

“I need you” was all it said.

Gary Pintado

Mar 8, 2022

I gave the envelope to a homeless veteran I encountered Sunday afternoon.

Katie Edenhofer

Mar 8, 2022

With all the driving around the city I do during the week, I often encounter the “less fortunate” at various traffic “choke points” around the city. Through the grace of God, this challenge helped me to reach out several times in the past few days to those who were without food or homes, and to share the amazing work that Light of Life does in the city for those who may go homeless or hungry. The original envelope remains for yet one more special opportunity that I am certain will present itself. THANK YOU GRACE for this “reminder” that we need to share with those who don’t have what we have, even if we may think we have little to share. The smiles, the verbal exchanges, the gratefulness and the encouragement are worth far more than the $10.

Harry Klaus

Mar 8, 2022

My son, Keith, is out of work. Having hard time. I sent him the $10 dollars with a note of love.

Jeannie Martin

Mar 9, 2022

We thought it appropriate to add this money toward a donation to Samaritan’s Purse who is responding to Ukraine crisis.

Michael & Sandy Wright

Mar 9, 2022

I have a friend that has been going through an extremely difficult time with her adult son. She has been struggling financially and emotionally with this situation for a long time . Today, while I was talking to her , I told her that I have been praying for her and her situation. I then explained that I have something to give her to . As I went to hand her the money , she refused to take it and drove away. I later put the money in an envelope along with a note, and put it under her office door.
In the note I put the verse , Isaiah 41:10 “ Fear not , for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God ;I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

She later texted me explaining how much it meant and helped her.

David McGee

Mar 9, 2022

We used this to increase our GoFundMe gift for the family of a high school boy who recently suffered a terrible accident leaving him paralyzed.

So blessed to be attending Grace.

Mary & Jeff Martin

Mar 9, 2022

On Sunday I made chicken noodle soup for my friend who is having an issue with Jesus rite now. She lost her sister and is angry. I made her the soup because she is ill. She was very appreciated. I gave some to another neighbor who lives alone and had lost a pet. He was heartbroken. I believe it made them happier to see someone cared. Chicken noodle soup and Jesus will help any broken heart!

Karen butcher

Mar 9, 2022

Used my money to provide dinner for my neighbors’ son family. He is disabled and is not working. They have 5 children. They were so excited and appreciative! Even the children were jumping with joy when they saw dessert. They told me they do not have dessert except for very special occasions. I told them it was a special occasion- Jesus loved them and wanted them to have dessert!

Rozann Lamberto

Mar 9, 2022

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