Louder than Words – Part 1

In by Nate Musselman

Message Discussion Questions

This week Matt begins a new series called ‘Louder than Words’. If we’re truly Christians and Jesus has
transformed our lives, there’s something that’s louder than the words we speak, and that’s our actions.
There are a few qualities that should be flowing out of our lives as Christians, and yet for most of us, if we were honest, we’re not much different than the world around us. This week for Part 1 we’re looking at the importance of having ‘A Positive Attitude’.
Are we any different than the Israelites after God parted the Red Sea (and delivered them from Pharaoh) and shortly after they’re grumbling? Do we live like we believe God has done a great miracle for us? (Exodus 15:1 & 20-24)

1.Are you a positive person? Would the people you work with, the people you live with, the people you do life with, would they say you’re positive or negative? As a Christian, what should they be saying about you no matter what circumstances you are facing? What do your actions say to those around you? Do you rejoice always? Philippians 4:4
2. What are the four types of complainers, and which type are you most often? Do we all love to complain? When it comes to complaining, are your actions not matching up with your words? Do you shine like ‘stars in the universe’, or are your actions just like the world around you? Proverbs 27:15; Philippians 2:14-15
3. If the first step to conquer that negative attitude and learn to be positive is to Admit it’s a Problem, why is that so important? Is it difficult for you to admit that ‘it’s a problem for me’? What’s the real problem with grumbling? What would your conversations this past week say about your attitude?
4. If the second step is to Accept Responsibility, how is that different than our culture? Do you find it difficult to accept responsibility so you look to put the blame on someone else? Are you an Accuser, Excuser, or Chooser? Proverbs 19:3
5. If the third step is to Develop a Positive Attitude, can you be thankful ‘in all circumstances’? What is the antidote for complaining? What are you choosing to focus on, and how can that make a difference? As a Christian how could gratitude make you stand out in the crowd?
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
6. If the fourth step is to Look for God’s Hand in the Situation, how can that help you to get victory over complaining? Do you believe that God has a plan and that He knows what He is doing? Why does the Bible speak out against complaining, what is it that you are really doing when you complain?
2 Corinthians 4:16-18
7. If the last step is to Practice Speaking Positively, how can that help you break the habit of complaining? Is it surprising (and frightening) to know that one day you will give an account for your words? This week, when you are tempted to complain, can you replace that with speaking something positive? Matthew 12:36

Key Takeaway: Do your actions speak louder than your words? If you find yourself complaining, isn’t it time that we decide that together we’re going to be known for our positive outlook on life?

Are you a positive person
Types of complainers: Whiners/Martyrs/Pessimists/Perfectionists Admit it’s a problem for me
Accept responsibility – accuser, excuser, or chooser
Develop a positive attitude via gratefulness
Look for God’s hand in the situation vs rebelling and doubting Practice speaking positively to break the complaining habit