Well, that’s a little tough. We’re non-denominational, which means we don’t have a denomination (like Presbyterian, Baptist, Assemblies of God, etc.) backing us. You’ll find people from all kinds of faith and non-faith backgrounds around here. No matter our background, the one thing we have in common is none of us is there yet.
Yeah, we get that, but we believe the songs we sing affect the lives we live. Worship is much more than music, it’s an intentional way we express our hearts to God and remind ourselves of His love and His promises to us.
We have a full band that sings songs like you’d actually listen to on the radio. They’re pretty loud too so, if you can’t hold a tune, nobody around you will be able to hear.
We’re pretty casual around here. You’ll fit in fine with jeans (shorts if it’s one of the nine warm days we get in Pittsburgh) and a t-shirt.
Our services are about an hour. One of our pastors will typically deliver a message for about 35-40 minutes of that.
Well, we use a translation of the Bible you can actually understand today. The Bible has a lot of good stuff to say once you get around all the olde-English wording. Our pastors like to take passages from the Bible and work to find ways we apply that principle in today’s world. Oh, and we make it funny (at least we think so).
We do and best of all it’s free. We also have a variety of teas and in fall and winter we have hot chocolate. Best part is, you can take it into the auditorium with you. Our seats have cup holders so you don’t have to worry about kicking the cup during the service.
Nope! Our work is supported from the normal tithes (10 percent of earnings) and offerings of our regular attenders who love contributing to the kinds of things they see God doing in people's lives. The one thing you can give us is the opportunity to connect with you and your family. Stop by the connect area in the main lobby!