What we believe

Purpose and Beliefs

Our mission is to honor God by reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and teaching them to become followers of Him.
In order to begin a journey, we must first look ahead to our destination, where we want to go, and then assess where we are and how we want to reach that destination. The same is true in our Christian lives. Here at Grace, we have found that utilizing our “spiritual” GPS system is the most effective way to help us grow closer to God, pursue relationships with others, and serve the world. So, in essence, our mission statement can be simplified into these three words—GROW, PURSUE, and SERVE.

Grow in My Relationship with God

At Grace, we believe that the Christian life is not about religion, but it’s about a relationship, the relationship between God and Man. This relationship begins when we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone as our Savior. As we desire to GROW in our relationship with God, we must first assess where we are in that relationship and then strive to grow closer to Him every day by becoming more like Jesus Christ. As we spend personal time talking with God each day and reading and studying His Word, the Bible, we will find the spiritual nourishment that we need to grow in this relationship. We can also grow in our relationship with Christ by internalizing and applying the Biblical teaching that we hear in the weekend messages or other venues.

Pursue Relationships with Others

Jesus said that the greatest command is to love God and love others. When we truly love God, we develop a love for others that comes from Him. We will then PURSUE relationships with others so that we may share God’s love and grace with them and serve them from hearts that are motivated by God’s love for us. And, in turn, we will be blessed and encouraged through those who PURSUE relationships with us. Here at Grace, we have a variety of ways for you and your family to PURSUE relationships with others.

Serve the World

At Grace, our desire is to honor God by reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and teaching them to become fully devoted followers of Him. We want to bring hope to the hopeless, spread love to the unlovely, and shine the Light of Christ in the midst of darkness. This is our mission, not only for church, our community and its surrounding regions, but for communities in countries around the globe.

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