Together is our new women's ministry brand that embodies women's ministry…TOGETHER!  We want to worship TOGETHER, learn TOGETHER, study TOGETHER, serve TOGETHER, and gather TOGETHER!

TO GET HER. To get her to Jesus. To get her to connect. To get her to share. To get her to grow. To get her to serve. To get her to lead. To get her. TOGETHER.

As a ministry of Grace Community Church, our mission is to reach women with the good news of Jesus Christ and teach them to become followers of him.  We do this by offering a variety of women’s ministry groups and events to build relationships with God and with each other.  Here are the types of events we offer:


These women’s events are designed to encourage and connect women through interactive activities, inspirational messages, and engaging discussion groups.


These women’s Bible study workshops are offered to share Bible study tools and techniques and discuss Bible study methods to enrich personal Bible study. 


These women’s serving events allow women to serve together in both local and global outreach initiatives. 


These women’s Bible study groups are environments created to study God’s Word, share, and pray together in a small group setting.  They are available at Grace or at various locations within Cranberry and surrounding areas.

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These women’s events are created to challenge and encourage women in their relationships with Christ as they worship with other women and hear an encouraging message from God’s word.


If you have any questions about our Together Women's Ministry, feel free to email [email protected] and we would be happy to answer any questions.