Through Zoom Videoconferencing, we are able to connect with and see one another, talk with one another, learn with one another, laugh with one another, pray for one another, and care for one another. Follow these steps to get started with using Zoom for your Virtual Small Group meetings.

  1. Download the Zoom program from the download section and create a Zoom account.
  2. Start Zoom and Join the Zoom Test Meeting at
  3. Check out the Zoom Resources below for Small Group Leaders or Small Group Members.
  4. To End a Meeting simply hit leave meeting in the bottom right of Zoom.


Watch the videos or select the PDF version for detailed instructions on using Zoom for your virtual small group meetings. Check out the Troubleshooting section below for tips with troubleshooting video and audio issues.


Download Zoom for one of your digital platforms below by clicking on the download button.


Need assistance? Check out these videos for help with troubleshooting Zoom.